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Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem

Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem
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In Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem you are the captain of a warship and are leading a group of men into battle. You have spent a lot of time training in the Mekong River but now it’s for real. You have orders to destroy as many enemies as possible and avoid being killed. Use the W, A, S and D keys to navigate your ship and hit the mouse to aim and fire at your enemies. You must avoid bombs and islands. If you hit one of them, you will die and must start the level over again. The meter on the left will show you your location in relation to the end of the level. The meter on the bottom right of the screen measures your health. When you make enough kills and avoid being destroyed, you will move on to the next challenge. See how many levels you can pass in Storm Boat Vietnam Mayhem.




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